DuoTone Trio Set (Optional Box)

This Trio Set includes:

          -Classic WK Convertible II
          -WK Key Hanger
          -WK Trucker Wallet

The optional box can also be turned into a pocket dump for your nightstand or dresser!


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This Trio Set of Tradition Series Whiteknuckler products is a classic, combining our signature Convertible model, key hanger, and  Trucker Wallet! If it's a gift or collectors piece, don't forget to add a hand-made wooden box to store these beautiful pieces for yourself or someone you love.


  • Classic WK Convertible II
  • WK Key Hanger
  • WK Trucker Wallet

The optional box also can be turned into a pocket dump for your nightstand or dresser!

What is the "CONVERTIBLE II"?
It's a unique 3-in-1 patent pending design by Whiteknuckler Brand that's perfect for long-haul truck drivers, hot rodders and motorcyclists. It's a new take on the classic horizontal case that allows you to swap between traditional vertical, front horizontal, or cross carry options all with one product for a true 3-in-1 design. Perfect for people that spend long hours in the seated position in or on a vehicle!

These new models are twice as thick as previous versions and include the following features:

  • Brass Lanyard hole
  • Brass scale pins
  • Thumb grip jimping on the spine
  • Improved heat treat for better hardness and edge
  • Convertible option allows both horizontal & vertical mounting 
  • Each handle is unique, made of natural horn or bone and engraved with the signature WK initials.

The Leather:

  • Premium 8-10oz Domestic leather
  • Environmentally conscious natural vegetable leather tanning

The Steel:

  • 440C high carbon stainless steel
  • Overall length is 7 inches with 3.5 inches of sharp surface or a bit less than the width of most men's hands (please see photos for scale)
  • Finger Hole Lock Down Grip.

All of our products produced with environmentally conscious practices and made in the USA

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