Belt Combo - Limited Edition Colors (Optional Box)

This Combo Set of includes:
A classic WK Convertible model and one of our premium belts in the Limited Patina color of your choice. Both are built to last decades, not months like department store junk.
The optional box also can be turned into a pocket dump for your nightstand or dresser!

-Convertible 3-in-1 Model Classic WK
-Constructed with 9/24 snaps for easy changing of the belt buckle
-1.5" wide
-3/16" thick
-Roller style buckle included
-Available in Chestnut or Black
-Made in the USA


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Tradition Series Limited Edition Colors 7 Inch Whiteknuckler Belt Combo

The Belt:

American made with lifetime replacement guarantee for breakage. Literally the last belt you will ever need to buy! Made from some of the highest quality, domestic leather available. The belt is constructed with heavy duty bridle leather 1.5" wide X 3/16" thick leather, a heavy duty nickel roller style buckle and quality snaps to change the buckle out. This belt is thick and like any natural leather product it will need some time to break in, the shade will deepen and it will become molded to your shape and be comfortable for many years to come. Belts are 3/16 thick, and have snaps to change the buckle out! Made to last decades, no cardboard or junk leather! Made in the USA

The Whiteknuckler logo is proudly embossed, by hand, on the belt using traditional brass dies.

This is a manly belt, it is robust and suitable for wearing belt knives, tool hangers or gun holsters!

Belts are sold by waist size, not overall length. The general rule of thumb is to buy the belt the next size UP from your jeans size.

  • Constructed with 9/24 snaps for easy changing of the belt buckle
  • 1.5" wide
  • 3/16" thick
  • Roller style buckle included
  • Made in the USA


  • Brass Lanyard hole
  • Brass scale pins
  • Thumb grip jimping on the spine
  • Improved heat treat for better hardness and edge
  • Convertible II case allowing both horizontal & vertical mounting

The Leather:

  • Premium 8-10oz Domestic leather
  • Environmentally conscious leather natural vegetable tanning

The Steel:

  • 440C high carbon stainless steel
  • Each handle is unique, made of natural horn and engraved with the signature WK initials
  • Overall length is 7 inches with 3.5 inches of sharp surface or a bit less than the width of most men's hands (please see photos for scale)
  • Finger Hole Lock Down Grip

All of our products produced with environmentally conscious practices and made in the USA

Add a WK Belt Buckle for only $29.95 saving $5!
WK Belt Buckles are made from traditional brass melted in a furnace then hand poured into the top of the sand molds. Each buckle is polished using a variety of techniques to a brilliant shine. You can see the fine detail of a smooth sand cast piece, admire the quality craftsmanship and feel the weight of a solid brass buckle that will stand the test of time